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Adults - Multi-Agency Code of Practice

15. The Role of the Strategy Meeting

(See the Glossary of Terms)

15.1 A Strategy Meeting can be called by any Lead Manager.

15.2 The lead agency Lead Manager will be responsible for chairing and ensuring that minutes are taken of such meetings.

15.3 Where the presenting information is unclear and appears to indicate a complex case, further communication with other agencies will be required.

15.4 The objective of a telephone contact or a Strategy Meeting is to:

  • Establish the facts.
  • Identify other agencies already involved.
  • Identify whether a conflict of interest exists by continuing with the lead agency role. Under these circumstances, consideration should be given to securing an independent organisation to take over the lead agency role.
  • Re-assess the needs of the vulnerable adult for protection, support and redress in the light of additional information.
  • Plan and agree an investigation process or what further action may be necessary.

However, no individual agency's statutory responsibility can be delegated to another. Each agency must act in accordance with its duty when it is satisfied that the action is appropriate. There may be joint investigation but the shared information flowing from that must be constantly evaluated and reviewed by each agency. (See "No Secrets" - Section 6.10)

15.5 Complex cases may involve criminal investigations, for example, multiple abuse involving more than one person, institutional abuse/ grave abuse of an individual or where a vulnerable adult is unable to give consent. Immediate advice should be sought from the Police to determine whether they are likely to pursue a criminal investigation. In these circumstances, the ongoing investigation will be co-ordinated by the Police.

15.6 All information and decisions made within a Strategy Meeting must be recorded.

15.7 The outcome of such a Strategy Meeting will be either:

  • To call a multi-agency adult protection Case Conference (see the Glossary of Terms).
  • Agree which agency is to undertake any required investigation.
  • A decision that no further action is required under these procedures. In these circumstances, the Lead Manager of the Strategy Meeting is responsible for completing the monitoring/audit form (see Appendix III), which is sent to the Adult Protection Co-ordinator for monitoring purposes.