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Just for Schools

School Finance Enquiries Form

School Finance Enquiries Form

Please complete the form below and once completed click on the 'Send Form' button to submit your query. The School Finance Team will normally respond to your query within 5 working days.

If this is a general query please make sure you've checked our recent correspondence and FAQ pages.

1. DFE Number (4 digits):
2. School Name/Establishment:
3. Telephone Number:
4. Contact Name:
5. Email Address:
6a. Is your query relating to a transaction? (if no go to question 7)
Please provide details of transaction 1.
6b. Transaction reference:
6c. Transaction Manage Code:
6d. Transaction Activity Code:
6e. Transaction Ledger Code:
6f. Transaction amount:
6g. Please provide details outlining the issue with this transaction:
Please provide details of transaction 2:
6h. Transaction Reference:
6i. Transaction Manage Code:
6j. Transaction Activity Code:
6k. Transaction Ledger Code:
6l. Transaction Amount:
6m. Please provide details outlining the issue with this transaction:
7a. Do you require a journal to be performed? (if no go to question 8)
Please provide journal details:
7b. Journal description (max 40 characters):
7c. Journal Debit Manage Code:
7d. Journal Debit Activity Code:
7e. Journal Debit Ledger Code:
7f. Journal Credit Manage Code
7g: Journal Credit Activity Code:
7h. Journal Credit Ledger Code:
7i. Journal Amount:
8. If your query does not relate to a transaction or a journal please provide full details of the query: