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Current school closures

School Closures  

Why would a school be closed?

Schools can be closed for any number of reasons including, severe weather, fire, illness, burst pipes and heating problems.

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Who makes the decision to close a school?

Schools are only closed in exceptional circumstances and it is for the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors (if available) to make the decision to close the school.

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How will I be notified if my child's school is closed?

Every effort is made to give parents early and clear information about a closure. Schools will also contact local radio stations to announce the emergency closure of the school.

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What happens if my child attends school after closure?

If the school has been closed at least one member of staff will be present at the school, to instruct pupils who do arrive following the closure.

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If I am not sure that the school has been closed, who can I contact?

If you are unsure if the school has been closed you can ring the school direct to confirm the closure.

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