The best way to deal with our rubbish is to REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE it.

We can REDUCE the amount of waste we create by buying food with less packaging, buying fewer disposable items (e.g. use re-usable nappies), repairing items where possible, using electronic communications to cut back on junk mail and composting at home.

We can RE-USE items by re-filling containers, re-charging batteries and taking unwanted goods to charity shops or car boot sales to save them from going to waste.

We can RECYCLE waste such as glass, paper, metal, textiles and plastics so that it can be reprocessed and made into new things.

Devon remains one of the highest performing Waste Disposal Authorities in the Country with a 55% recycling rate in 2012/13, and with your help we aim to increase Devon’s recycling and composting rate to 60% by 2015 and 65% by 2025.

All of Devon’s local authorities work in partnership to promote recycling.

For more information about recycling in Devon, see Recycle Devon

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