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The planning publications listed below are chargeable and can be ordered and paid for online by entering the quantities of items you wish to order in the form below.  Please note that the postal charges quoted are for delivery within the UK only.  If you reside outside the UK, please email planning@devon.gov.uk and provide details of:

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Devon Structure Plan 2001 to 2016 Examination in Public Panel Report (Nov 2003)Report of the Panel into the Examination in Public of the Structure Plan£16.00£4.00
Devon Structure Plan 2001 to 2016 Explanatory Memorandum and Written Statement (adopted October 2004)Structure Plan Policies and Proposals adopted October 2004, together with appropriate supporting text£20.00£4.00
Devon Structure Plan 2001 to 2016 Proposed Modifications to Deposit Report (Feb 2004)Structure Plan Proposed Modification£8.00£2.00
Devon Structure Plan 2001 to 2016 Written Statement of Policies and Proposals (adopted October 2004)Policies and Proposals adopted October 2004£5.00£1.00
Minerals Local Plan (Adopted Version) Part A£25.00£5.00
Minerals Local Plan (Adopted Version) Part B£25.00£5.00
Waste Local Plan (Adopted Version) Parts A & BWritten Statement, Proposals Map & Inset Plans£40.00£6.00