Devon equipment suppliers and services

Devon Equipment Suppliers

Covid-19 We are grateful to the Devon equipment retailers who have maintained their vital services for people in Devon in these difficult times. See this list of retailers who are open for Devon staff equipment prescriptions or private purchase of equipment.

 Devon’s Accredited Retailers for Prescriptions 15.5.2020

This list will be updated weekly, please ensure you refer to the most up to date list.

Lists of local specialist suppliers

(see list above for services available March 2020)

We keep in touch with local specialist suppliers and share information about the equipment and services that they provide.

These lists are for information only NOT recommendations. We welcome your feedback about local specialist suppliers.

The lists are updated regularly please print from this site to ensure it is the most up-to-date copy.

Technology Enabled Care and Support

Rail and ramp supply and installation

Adaptation suppliers in Devon


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