Technology-enabled care

  • Fall Alert Equipment

    Technology to help you access help in the event of a fall

  • Technology to monitor household risks

    Sensors and technology to help you reduce risks in your home such as fire or flood

  • Medication equipment

    If you have difficulty in managing or remembering your medication, some assistive technology might help

  • Orientation equipment

    If someone has problems with memory, orientation or confusion there are devices that can help them to stay safe at home

  • Care alarm

    Social alarms help a person at home to summon assistance in an emergency if they are unable to get to the phone.

  • Ideas for Safety When Going Out Alone

    If someone who you care for is able to go out alone but may get lost, wander alert equipment may help

  • Voice activated virtual assistant

    Voice activated virtual assistants can be set up to enable you to do various tasks such as play music, set reminders or make a phone call using your voice only