Profiling bed

Before you buy a profiling bed, consider the points listed below.

  • A profiling bed is a powered bed with an articulated mattress base that can be height adjustable or fixed height and can change your position in the bed, for comfort, support or transfers.
  • ‘4 part’ profiling beds are recommended for full support as the raising of the head end as well as under the knees will give continuous support from head to foot.
  • When lying on a profiling bed always lift the knee section before raising head end of the bed to prevent sliding down the bed as this could lead to pressure on buttocks and heels.
  • Some beds have an ‘Auto regression’ back rest, which slides back as it rises to ensure you can still reach bedside table. The ‘Auto regression’ movement tends to reduce back support and may be less comfortable than a NON ‘Auto regression’ back rest.
  • Height adjustable profiling beds are recommended for changing care needs and will help with transfers in and out of the bed.
  • The bed must be low enough to get your bottom in the middle of the bed when getting in, and for lifting legs up on to the bed and high enough to get off easily. A height adjustable bed is recommended.
  • Beds may also have a horizontal tilt movement called ‘Trendelenberg Tilt’ to enable more varied positioning/support.
  • Profiling beds may be ‘divan’ style or hospital style; hospital style beds are more likely to have accessories like grab rails/safety rails.
  • The bed may be longer and wider than your existing bed, check you have adequate space and that standard sheets will fit.
  • You can get double profiling beds with; 1 x full width profile or 2 x profiling sides or one side profiling and one static. If sleeping with a partner in a bed with one side profiling, consider risk of entrapment.
  • Choose a mattress for comfort that will bend with the bed movement.
  • Ensure you can reach and manage controls even in the dark.
  • When choosing a supplier consider if they can also maintain/repair the bed as needed.
  • Prices start from £1000
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