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Traffic/Transport issues

The existing site must be temporarily closed to the public during container loading, compaction and container
exchanges. This leads to frequent queueing of traffic along Crowndale Road, which can be significant at times and has been a long term issue.

The proposed new facility is designed to allow for safe container loading, compaction and container exchanges
whilst the site is still open to the public, therefore there is no longer a need for temporary site closures, and hence
queueing on the highway.

The site has a long access road (approximately 290m) which, along with more efficient means of servicing the site,
means that cars will no longer have to queue on the highway.

The public use of the development will be similar to that of the existing (catchment areas will not change) and
therefore it is not envisaged to generate significantly more traffic.

A transport assessment has been carried out for the proposed facility and has concluded that:

Even allowing for growth in background traffic, the existing and proposed scenarios suggest Crowndale Road will operate well within its theoretical capacity during the morning, afternoon and weekend peaks. The introduction of a new site access and one-way system for users will address the existing problem of queuing traffic on the public
highway, thereby improving highway safety.

The proposed changes to the Crowndale HWRC will have a positive impact on the local highway network compared to the existing situation.