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Meetings in 2020/21

Currently, meetings are taking place ad hoc and online using various platforms such as Teams and Zoom. Updates regarding the outcomes will be uploaded to this site soon. Here are dates of the meetings that are scheduled for the upcoming year:

Joint Engagement Forum (JEF)
Thursday 1st October 2020
Thursday 10th December 2020
Thursday 4th March 2021
Tuesday 25th May 2021
Tuesday 7th September 2021
Tuesday 30th November 2021

Autism Involvement Group (AIG)
Tuesday 11th August 2020
Tuesday 27th October 2020
Tuesday 26th January 2021
Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Tuesday 18th May 2021
Tuesday 13th July 2021
Tuesday 14th September 2021
Tuesday 9th November 2021

Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG)
Monday 7th September 2020 – Practice for using Microsoft Teams
Monday 28th September 2020
Monday 23rd November 2020
Monday 18th January 2021
Monday 15th March 2021
Monday 10th May 2021
Monday 5th July 2021
Monday 30th August 2021
Monday 25th October 2021
Monday 13th December 2021

Co – Production Working Group
Monday 6th July 2020
Monday 10th August 2020
Monday 17th August 2020
Thursday 8th October  Co – Production Awareness Session
Monday 12th October 2020
Monday 9th November 2020
Monday 7th December 2020
Thursday 17th December 2020  Co – Production Awareness Session

Co-Production Network Meetings
Monday 11th January 2021
Monday 8th March 2021
Monday 3rd May 2021
Monday 5th July 2021
Monday 6th September 2021
Monday 25th October 2021
Monday 20th December 2021