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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) September 2023

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The Devon Learning Disability Partnership Board met on September 18th 2023. 26 people attended the meeting; 8 sent their apologies.

We had an update on items discussed at the March AGM and May Board meeting. Two members of the Involvement Team had met with the Deputy Director of Transport and Team Leader for Transport Efficiency. They were looking at how the council could make it easier for people with learning disabilities to apply for a concessionary bus pass.

We were told that information about Talking Mats had been shared on a resource website for learning disability champions working in GP surgeries across Devon. There was a discussion around communication training that Board members felt adult social care staff needed and should have.

A Project Manager from NHS Devon gave an update on the Oliver McGowan training. Two members of the Board have signed up to be trainers.

A presentation was shared by DPT on a new mental health unit in Devon for people with learning disabilities and/or Autism. There was a discussion on how this was being funded, the number of beds available, people being treated out of county and the training needs of the staff who would work in the unit.