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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)- September 2017

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) held on 19th September 2017

 Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

Update on Health Screening

Guy Bradley Smith updated the Board about Health screening, including different types of health screening and the latest figures. Making sure that people with a learning disability take up health screening is an action in our LG 15 action plan. The LG15 action plan has all the actions from our 2017 A.G.M. The Board were also given some information about ‘The Smear Test Film’ which was a health education film resource for women eligible for cervical screening (smear tests) who have mild and moderate learning disabilities. He also talked about how individuals can request that reasonable adjustments are made by GP surgeries, which can include being sent easy read material or fact sheets.

Compliments and Complaints Process

Making sure that people with a learning disability have access to and understand the Compliments and Complaints process is an action in our LG 15 action plan.

The Board were asked to give their feedback on the documents presented to them about complaints and compliments, issues addressed were:

  • Quality checking the easy read feedback forms
  • Where and how the accessible information should be available
  • Other ideas or comments to help support the compliments and complaints process being more accessible.

Healthy Lifestyles – One Small Step

Making sure that people with a learning disability can access the One Small Step Service is an action in our LG 15 action plan.

One Small Step is a free service for people over the age of 18 living in Devon. The service works with adults over the age of 18 and offers support to people to improve their health and wellbeing. There are different options for people depending on what they are interested in and their needs.

Organizations that work with people with learning disabilities will have training, so they can help people get help from One Small Step to improve their lifestyles.


One Small Step work with organizations to promote the service to people with disabilities and access issues. We have asked for feedback at our partner and public events and shared a survey asking for feedback on our website. This will contribute to a plan to improve access based on feedback by October ’17.


If telephone/text/live web chat options are not suitable we will work with individual people to help them to access the service (Equality and Diversity Policy)

We will link people to relevant services and organizations to support clients where appropriate.

Everyone was invited to attend a short focus group to help to support the development of our website and marketing materials, that One Small Step were running.

The board looked at the easy read contact cards and those for the visually impaired, and gave feedback.

Ideas about other ways we can communicate, engage and involve more people in our work

Thinking about using Social Media as another way to communicate, engage and involve more people in our work. Ideas included:

  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page,
  • Twitter account, more for carers / providers.
  • Look at people using skype to be involved in meetings.
  • Website
  • Newsletters