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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) – November 2019

LDPB A.G.M held on 19th November 2019

Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

What is Voting and why is it important? – Robert Hawken

Robert talked about Voting and the general Election which is happening on December 12th, 2019.

Lots of people with a learning disability are registering to Vote now this is more than before.

Atlas Safeguarding Adults Review – Steve Rowlands, Safeguarding Adults Board, Business Manager

 A Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) is completed when an adult suffers serious abuse or neglect, whether this is known or suspected, and there is concern that partner agencies could have worked better to protect them.

 Atlas Care Homes Criminal Investigation

During May 2016 13 ex staff members of Atlas were found guilty of offences ranging from, ill treatment and neglect, false imprisonment and conspiracy to  falsely imprison. (conspiracy is when 2 or more people agree to commit a crime sometime in the future).

When all the police investigation and court trials had finished at the end of 2017, the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board arranged for a new Safeguarding Adults Review to be completed.

Suggested ideas for change from families

  •  Unannounced visits
  • A national awareness campaign aimed at care staff
  • Body worn cameras for the staff
  • Evidence of trained staff
  • Undercover staff
  • CCTV
  • People who cannot communicate using speech should not be placed anywhere in the back of beyond.

Report Recommendations

Commissioning bodies like Councils and the NHS should be encouraged to engage in “close to home” Regional Commissioning for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health problems.

What happens next?

An Action Plan based on the Recommendations in the Safeguarding Adults recommendations is being written. This Action Plan will contain the actions and that each Devon Safeguarding Adults Board partner agency need to work on.

Steve asked if the Board would help him develop the Action plan and return to the Board to give updates.  Everyone agreed that this was a good idea.

LDPB members were then given an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns.

Transforming Care – Kath Bird

 DCC has introduced a new contract monitoring team, the manager Sara Morgan-Broom will attend the next LDPB meeting. The aim of the team is to move from having a centralised monitoring function to one which has contract monitoring officers based in each locality to ensure better awareness of service delivery and assurance that people’s needs are being met effectively. Sara would like the LDPB’s support in designing ways in which people who use services can be actively involved in the monitoring process.

The Human Rights Act – Presented by Robert Hawken

 The Human Rights Act helps us look after our rights.Human Rights affect big issues, hings to do with life and death.

They are also about your rights in everyday life, what you can say or do, your beliefs. They include:

  • Right to life
  • Right to freedom and security
  • Right to a fair trial
  • Respect for private and family life

Group Work

Members worked in groups to record what information about rights  they thought would be useful for people living in residential homes

Each group told the group  what they thought.

My Presentation on my Studies – Nicole Summers

Nicole talked to LDPB about her studies so far; In July 2016 Nicole successfully completed entry level functional skills level 3 English, and in June 2019, entry level 3 Math.