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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)- March 2019

LDPB A.G.M held on 12th March 2019

Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

What we have achieved this year

Sophie Holmes

The Structure Plan, everyone had one in their packs.

All the different meetings that are linked with the LDPB and The Citizenship project.

The easy read and accessible website which is in easy read format, designed and for people with disabilities.

Celebrating Success
Devon Learning Disability Partnership Board

New ways of working

The Board will focus on the key areas of the plan for Living well with a learning disability in Devon 2018 -2022

Friendship Groups

Citizenship Project

Devon People First working with people in communities to empower them to enact their rights and become active citizens.

Accessible Website

The Accessible Website is:

  • Designed by people with a learning disability for people with a learning disability
  • Easy-read format
  • The Information is organised under the 7 keys of Citizenship


We are working with the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital to develop the NHS improvement standards.

Updates on The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LdDeR)


The LDPB heard about employment, and about a work-based experience programme that has begun in United Libraries.

  • Devon County Council have supported 3 Internships and 1 apprentaship
  • Increased the Supported Internship programme in Devon
  • ‘Ready When you Are’ campaign:
  • Supported internships are for 18 – 25-year olds.

Quality Checker Team

A Quality Checker team will be checking health care services over Devon, GP, Pharmacies and Dentist.

What matters to people

Members of the A.G.M watched various films and presentations from individuals who wanted to share the stories about how they find day to day life in their communities as people with Learning Disabilities, barriers they face, and their achievements.

Group Work

All members were split into five tables.

Table 1 – Friendship and Relationships

Table 2 – Money

Table 3 – Employment

Table 4 – Health

Table 5 – Housing

Each table had a facilitator to write down people’s comments and ideas.

Feedback was taken on:

  • What’s Important/working well
  • Barriers – what needs to change

Phil Norrey

Devon County Council – Chief Executive and Head of Paid Services

Phil addressed the A.G.M and acknowledged that it had been a good opportunity to listen to what people want out of life, and how we work together to shape services.

There are improvements however, there is a shift in the general attitude, thinking about disability is something to be embraced.

The meeting is good to show what a profound impact the work being done at Devon County Council has during the year.