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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) – July 2019

LDPB held on 16th July 2019

 Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

Co-Chairs Report – Robert Hawken

Robert introduced himself to the group and told them he had completed a report which would tell everyone what he has been doing on behalf of the board.

Robert thanked everyone for filling in their feedback forms at the previous meeting and read out some of the comments.

He also updated the members about meetings he had attended since the last LDPB, these included; Citizenship group meeting in Crediton – 18th June,Health and Wellbeing Board – 11th July.

Key actions from meetings were:

  • Ensure the Quality Checking Teams report findings are shared with the Health and Wellbeing board.
  •  Follow up Councillor Parsons Suggestion to create a Learning Disability Digital Champion as part of the as part of the Digital Lives Initiative.
  •  Invite Chief Superintendent Samantha Dererya to the board.
  •  Follow up with representative from Teignbridge about community hub initiatives.

 Women with learning disabilities/autism standing up to domestic abuse – Rod Landman Project Co-ordinator

Rod gave a presentation which included information about:

 Us Too

A project funded by Comic Relief for women and girls in Devon and Cornwall for 2 years


There is a disproportionate risk of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Unfortunately there are largely inaccessible services. Us Too will be running User-led projects in Partnership work with the Women’s Centre.

Training for women

To discuss the difference between good and bad relationships, what domestic abuse is  how a person can tell this is happening, what an individual should do if they feel they are being abused and how to avoid it.

Training for staff

To raise awareness about domestic abuse, how they  can I tell if it is happening, what to do if it is happening to service users and how they can help service users avoid it?


The team has been recruited. They have started booking workshops and held the first team meeting.

Members were given a chance to ask questions and discuss aspects of the presentation in more detail.


Devon Link Up – Group Work

Luke introduced the presentation which showed what topics were discussed at various groups across Devon.

Group members had been asked to give feedback on important things about employment.

Devon Link Up had put the feedback up on the walls for LDPB members to look at and discuss. The feedback will be used for valuable insight when making future.

Tackling Health Inequalities – Update from the Quality Checking Team 

The team have visited all the main hospitals in Devon and spoken to the Patient Advice and Liaison Services Health watch. They found out issues such as:

  • Hospital Passport and how they are being used
  • Websites
  • Learning Disability Nurses
  • Therapy dogs used in hospitals
  • Maps and signs
  • Easy Read Information

Next they will be looking at Opticians, Doctors, Dentist and Pharmacy.

LDPB members were given a chance to ask some questions.

Citizenship Project – Lloyd Waterman

LDPB having been working with Lloyd and Devon People First on the Citizen Project.

About the Citizenship Project

The Citizenship project is about working with people in local communities so that people with learning disabilities are able to access their communities and have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

Devon People First will be working with people with a learning disability to put together an easy-read Citizenship Information pack about their local community. They will also be supporting local services and businesses to understand the needs and rights of people with learning disabilities in their community.

So far, they have:

  • Started a project in Crediton and met with Robert Hawken to plan what to include in presentations.
  • Met with the Turning Tides Project
  • Gave a presentation on Citizenship with Robert Hawken at the Rowell Centre
  • Attended the Crediton Wellbeing Launch which is a project about Social Prescribing referral service for Crediton., and begun the process of linking organisations together


Richard Hill attended the meeting to present a cheque for £500,00 to John Gaunt of MENCAP,he has also raised £2,000 for MENCAP nationally, and he has done this by getting sponsored to run a marathon.

John thanked Richard and explained how the money would be used very wisely to help lots of people with Learning Disabilities.