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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)- July 2017

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) held on 18th July 2017

Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

Robert Hawken – My new paid job 

On the 4th July 2017, Robert started his new Job as a Temporary Project Assistant, working 2 days a week with the Devon county Council HR Strategy Team, County Hall, Exeter. The job is to help the Council understand how to better meet the needs of people with Learning Disabilities, linked to the Council’s Disabilities Transformation Programme.

Leadership Group Action Plan Update

On the 26th June, Sophie Holmes and two Devon County Council colleagues went to Phil Norrey’s Leadership group meeting, (they call this the LG15 meeting), to go through the action plan. Copies of the updated plan were on the tables.

Going forward there would be a regular item on the agenda to go through the plan at each meeting.

Learning Disabilities Mortality Review, Making Care better for people with Learning Disabilities

Guy Bradley Smith explained the LeDeR, who are a team based at the University of Bristol, working to make health and care services better for people with learning disabilities.

NHS England has asked the LeDeR programme to look at the deaths of all people with Learning Disabilities. If someone with a Learning Disability dies the LeDeR programme need to be told. The Board members were then given a chance to ask some questions about this.

Learning Disability Health Update

Shona Charlton & Sue Harvey presented an update development of Learning Disability Health.

It has been agreed that there will be market development across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset as part of the Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) to generate investment. Updates on this would be provided in the future.

An offer had recently been put in on a property that will be 3 separate units, with their own gardens and own entrances to provide a place for people to stay in between leaving hospital and going home.

Citizenship – Website Development – Group Work

The Board had previously discussed Citizenship and people with learning disabilities being supported to be active citizens in their communities. One of the biggest problems for people is having access to the right information.

The Board members were then asked to think of what information should be included on the website based on the 7 keys to citizenship

Ideas where then added to post-it notes and put around the room under each of the keys, and the information will be used to help in the development of the website.