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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) – March 2022

LDPB held on 30th March 2022

Summary of meeting


The LDPB discussions included:

Devon County Council
and NHS updates –

Liberty Protection Standards (LPS)

  •  The Government wants to know what people think of the changes being made to the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice and the new Liberty Protection Safeguards.

Supported Housing:

  • Supported housing plays an important role in supporting good health and wellbeing and health for many people.

Supported employment:

  • Devon County Council’s Reaching for Independence Service
  • Ability Not Disability Project
  • Employment Forum

Devon Partnership Trust Update 

  • Devon Link-Up is helping with the reasonable adjustment pilot.
  • Resources have been developed to support this work.
  • The spring Covid booster programme has now started for all over 75s, those who are immunocompromised or living in a care home.


Programme Manager spoke about LoveCare which aims to;

  • Help to improve quality and quantity of adult social care workforce helping people to live healthy independent lives.
  • Have caring, confident and collaborative work.

Updates from Learning Disability Partnership Board discussion groups:

Friendship Groups

Lloyd from Devon people First asked the members of the group some questions about the group:

How did you find out about friendship groups?

How do you find the group and what activities do you do?

Devon Clinical Commissioning Group:

An update from health perspective:

  • The impact of Covid-19
  • Annual Health Checks
  • Transforming Care
  • Test of Change for the Transforming Care group

The Big Community Catch-up Update

  • The group spoke about the dentist and found out whether people have been able to get an appointment recently.

Carers Discussion Group – update

  • Going to have a lead practitioner for transitions starting next week.
  • Families are struggling with caring whilst waiting for care need assessments.
  • There could be some good training opportunities developed for carers.