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Learning Disablitlity Partnership Board (LDPB) – November 2018

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) meeting held on 20th November 2018

 Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

Learning Disability Updates, Social Care & Health

 Sophie Holmes, Senior Commissioning Officer Disabilities explained that the Strategy has now been signed off and published and the impact assessment has been made available in easy read. In the future Devon will be providing support through Individual Service Plans.

 Better Standards of Care

 Em Wilkinson-Brice explained the ‘Better Standards of Care’ to the group and what the that means for people with learning disabilities and autism. NHS Improvement have worked with people who use health services and their families and people who work in health services. If we meet the standards it means they give a good quality service to people with learning disabilities or autism.

 The Standards of Care were explained in detail to the Board who were then asked to discuss and give feedback for the three standards which were relevant to them, the information would be used to help with plans for Better Standards of Care.

Standard 1. –  Giving people their rights

Standard 2. –  Involving people and listening to them

Standard 3. –  Making sure we have the right staff with the right training.

Nicole Summers updated the group about her goals for the future.

 At the last meeting members helped Nicole to think about how she can make her goals happen.


  • To be more independent as she likes doing things for herself
  • To have a paid job.
  • To work towards having her own home and perhaps moving to an area where public transport in easier.

She told the group what actions she has completed from her list of goals.

NICE Guidelines

Sophie Holmes explained and showed a film of the NICE Guidelines, which are about growing older with learning disabilities. The board then went through them thinking about how we check that Devon is working to the guidelines. The feedback will be discussed at a future meeting.