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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) – September 2018

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) meeting held on 18th September 2018

 Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

Learning Disability Updates, Social Care & Health

 Rebecca Hudson, Commissioning Officer introduced the Ready When You Are Campaign that started on the 17th September 2018. Ready When You Are is a campaign to support businesses to employ more people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs in Devon. The final draft of the Living Well with a Learning Disability in Devon strategy for the campaign had been done, along with a full easy read version and a shortened easy ready version.

 Supported Living

 Liz Wood and Max Sillars explained that in Devon, Supported Living is an assessed group of people who live together, as people who are all in need of the shared hours of care and support being provided to them. The Board were given the chance to ask questions, topics included:


  • Money
  • Types of property
  • House sharing
  • Location
  • Public Transport

My life so far and goals for the future

 Nicole Summers introduced herself and wanted to talk to the group about her past achievements and goals for the future. The goals included:

  • To be more independent
  • To have a paid job
  • To have her own home near public transport

The group were asked if they could help her think of an action plan could to help Nicole make her goals happen.

The Local Government Green Paper for Adult Social Care and Wellbeing.

 The group looked at some questions about Social Care and Wellbeing and were asked to give some feedback about the Local Government Green Paper, which would be submitted before the deadline of 28th September.