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Joint Engagement Forum(JEF) – February 2018

Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) meeting held on Tuesday 27th February 2018

 Summary of this quarters meeting

This quarter the JEF discussions included:

Local NHS Developments and DCC Strategic Plans

 Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

 Main Aims

  • Prevention; working together to improve the health and well-being of the population
  • To deliver safe and high-quality care
  • Provide services within the budget we are given


 Current Developments

  • Recruiting an STP Chair
  • Recruiting an Accountability Officer for both CCGs
  • Exploring better ways of organising ourselves as an integrated care system including strategic commissioning function for health and social care and local care partnerships

Refreshing the strategy: Four Key themes

  • Enabling more people to be and stay healthy
  • Enhancing self-care and community resilience
  • Integrating and improving out of hospital care
  • Delivering modern, safe, sustainable clinical services

 Living Options and Healthwatch Devon working together

 The two organisations are working together enabling commissioners to reach relevant groups of people who use social care and health services, so they can be engaged in development.

How Living Options and Healthwatch will help each other

 Put articles in the Voices magazine and send out information to our members and the wider public.

  • Working together to recruit people with lived experience of safeguarding for a reference group to inform the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board.
  • Both organisations sit on the Health and Wellbeing Board and recognise that is more helpful if we work together to have joint insight from the public and service user’s voices heard in that forum.



Local Engagement Round Up

 The JEF went through the list of engagement activities undertaken in the last quarter…

Adult Social Care Focus Groups

 DCC had asked Living Options to hold focus groups to discuss the last national Adult Social Care Survey. Three groups were convened, one for people with learning disabilities, and their findings have informed senior management discussions.

Devon People First learning disability mapping

 Devon people First have embarked on a learning disability mapping project, creating a list of groups across Devon that involve people with learning disabilities. The work should be completed by the 1st of April.

Feedback from groups held so far, highlighting any key points

DCC in-house listening events

 DCC has several day centers and respite units for people with severe disabilities and last year a series of listening events were held especially for people who use those services and their carers. DCC is committed to further engagement with those participants.

Commissioning Involvement Group update

The group are working with DCC to improve the user friendliness of the new self- assessment form. Membership of the group has been reviewed to make it more diverse.

 Carers Ambassador update

 The Carers contract has been awarded to Westbank, for five years.

Reshaping Personal Care Group update

 Work continues Individual Service Funds which can be described as a cross between Direct Payments and Commissioned Services and which could be beneficial for people who cannot easily manage Direct Payments, as one of the tools to help in the move towards outcome-based commissioning.

Devon Learning Disability Partnership Board update

An update on the recent January meeting of the Devon Learning Disability Partnership.

The Board is monitoring a work plan owned by DCC’s LG15 senior leadership group, which includes plenty of initiatives designed to help make Devon more welcoming for people with learning disabilities.

Autism Involvement Group update

The group will hold several workshops this year around employment and training.

Vision for Adult Care and Health focus group feedback

A report from the Focus Group on DCC’s Vision for Adult Care and Health. The Group had challenged how the high-level vision would translate into practical action.

Pathways into Mental Health Services forum

 Mind Exeter is closing, and this work will have to be undertaken by another agency in the future. Mind were thanked for everything they had done. Living Options will engage with other voluntary mental health organizations.

Sign Language contract focus group

 The focus group of Deaf people established to inform the tendering of the new DCC Sign Language contract was still to be reconvened to discuss implementation of the new contract.

Safeguarding Adults Reference Group recruitment

Living Options are holding coffee mornings as a means of recruiting people with lived experience to form a reference Group to inform the work of the Devon Safeguarding Adults Board.

Procurement of Children’s Health Services

 NHS are undertaking an  extensive consultation with children and young people to inform the procurement of the new Children’s Health Services contract.

Report on Equalities Session with DCC Senior Managers

Direct Payments focus groups

Living Options have been asked to set up focus groups for people receiving Direct Payments, in response to issues highlighted by the Carers Survey and Adults Survey Focus Groups held last year.

Promoting Independence and Assistive Technology films

 Living Options are to make short films of people who have used assistive technology as a means of promoting their independence.

New Learning Disability Website

 The meeting heard about progress on the new website which was being developed following engagement with the Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Health and Wellbeing Board

 DCC will be giving the Board much more detail about what they are doing to reduce homelessness in Devon. Health and Wellbeing Outcomes document will be accessible to everyone. Work is being undertaken by the Wellbeing Board members and senior representatives from provider trusts to identify gaps in progress towards the integration of health and social care.

 A summary of the updated Indicators from the Health and Wellbeing Outcome reports.

Any Other Business

Healthwatch have is running a project on the effect that loneliness has on people’s health and wellbeing.