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Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) – September 2021

JEF meeting held on 7th September 2021


This quarter the JEF discussions included:

CCG –  Outreach Involvement Manager

CCG met with HIKMAT for a vaccination discussion. Work is being done with communities about vaccinations.

NHS Devon –Engagement Presentation

JEF heard a presentation which included:

NOUS report

• Understanding the experiences for BAME communities and staff in Devon
• How the work was undertaken
• Key themes from staff feedback
• Key themes – communities
• Recommendations – summary
• Progress to date
• Other developments beyond Nous report
The second part of the presentation included:
Vaccination Inequalities
Outreach Communications and Engagement:
The overall approach is to reach out and engage with different communities to understand their needs and any barriers there are to having the vaccine. We then use this information to inform our model of delivery for each group.

Health and Wellbeing Board feedback and update from Living Options Devon


The Devon Health and Wellbeing Board is a forum for key leaders from the health, public health and care systems to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the population and reduce health inequalities. Health and Wellbeing Boards were formally introduced in April 2013 as part of the Health and Social Care Act.

Update from the last Health and Wellbeing meeting 15th July included:

• Key actions relevant to JEF members
• Activity in between meetings
• Next meeting will be held on 28thOctober when we will be discussing Performance / Themed Items
• Health & Wellbeing Strategy Priorities and Outcomes Monitoring Theme Based Matters for Decision
• Other Matters

Learning Disability Partnership Board and Discussion Groups

Learning Disability Partnership Board Meeting:
The first full Devon Learning Disability Partnership Board met on the15th June. It was good to see everyone together again working to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and their families.

Updates from some of the groups
The Communication group has decided on its key priorities for the next two years. These Are:

• Helping people stay safe online
• Developing the Learning disability Devon website
• Sharing information about the work of the Partnership Board including a newsletter
• Wider communication issues

As part of the Big Community Catch Up group, a meeting was held on the 19th August to talk about Employment.

Devon Learning Disability Friendship Groups Update

The learning disability online friendship groups have been running for 1 year now with 6 meetings per month. There continue to be one or two referrals a month.

Friendship group members have made lasting friendships and continue to use internet platforms like face book messenger and what’s app to contact each other outside of the groups. One small group also run their own evening card night twice a week. Many of the friendship group members have become members of the LDPB and its subgroups.

Autism Involvement Group (AIG) – Dimensions for Autism

AIG members are looking at projects such as:

• LeDeR discussions, so talking about improving health inequalities. A Subgroup has been set up to discuss the GP autism awareness campaign, which has resulted in working with Social Prescribers, Trish attended a meeting with them and has a flurry of referrals from them, people from Mid Devon and North Devon.
• The National Strategy 2021 -2026 Children and Adults – lots of plans and funding, in fact it is the biggest investment in autistic people in England so far.
• Covid impact work.
• An update on the autism alert card which is now going to be run by DFA, Devon and Cornwall police funded the first 2000 cards.

Dimensions for Autism (DFA) update

68 people use the Discord platform to meet, people have been making friends, talking online about hobbies and meeting up outside. It has been nice to see DFA members outside as not all members can be online, so we are trying to do half and half face to face and online. Any members can use the Discord platform, we are lucky to have volunteers who help.

Carer Ambassadors Update
The update included:

Carer Ambassador Development: 69 Carer Ambassadors. Various ongoing training and information sessions including: Young Carers; Age UK Devon; Devon Carers Hospital Service; Dementia THRIVE; wellbeing and wildlife.

Carer Ambassador Activity Summary: Over April, May and June CA’s recorded 931.25 voluntary hours, with many more unrecorded hours.

Carer Ambassador Action Points/ Questions.

Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – Lloyd Waterman

The CIG group are currently looking at and working to restructure how the group can move forward to a more co-productive way of working for engagement and involvement in adult social care.
A task and finish group has been set up and has been working on the 3 main parts of the new structure.

An engagement Database of people who have attended the co-production awareness training, and who want to be involved in certain areas of social care commissioning engagements has been formed, they may want to be involved in one engagement only or may choose to be involved in more than one. This will help us to ensure the right people are working on the right projects.

There remains a core CIG group of people including people who use services, carers, project managers and commissioners. We will meet regularly as we do now on a quarterly basis, we will discuss co-production projects that people are involved in to make sure that there are outcomes and that we are accountable for them.

Co-Production Working Group

The Co-Production working group continues to offer online Co-Production awareness training sessions and currently run 1 to 2 sessions per month.
Since January we have run a Co-Production network meeting once every other month for people who have completed the awareness sessions and those that may wish our help, advice and support in setting up projects. These continue to be well supported. We held a meeting yesterday and 3 people attended who had previously completed the awareness sessions.

Safeguarding Community Reference Group (SCRG)

Last board meeting – The Community reference group has user voice and experience that meets quarterly, discussions feed into the strategic board, who know that safeguarding is a complex issue, there needs to be a good understanding.

Equality Reference Group (ERG) – Living Options Devon

The last meetings were virtual. We are putting lots of work into the census and support the teams to make sure outreach was good. Devon Link Up is busy and sitting on lots of the vaccination cells to make sure that equality is being covered.

HOPE programme

We are still operating virtually and digitally; I can provide a link for more information. Recently we have translated the HOPE manual, which will be going to a group of people for feedback then to Coventry University. HOPE delivery group hasn’t met recently.

Other LOD Engagement

Working with the CCG on Easy Read work are running series of focus groups on vaccine hesitancy, BSL users and sensory disabilities, finding out problems with uptake and what can be done better. LOD are writing up latest version of the impact report and thankyou to all who have contributed to the report.

Older People – Sophie

Age UK Devon and DCC are still running questionnaire to recruit older people to engage with.

Healthwatch Devon consumer voice issues

The update included:

Dentists – Healthwatch have been gathering feedback, local fishermen are finding it difficult to get access so have sent on a report regarding this to the DCC Scrutiny Board so are waiting for a response.

Replacement Care

Vaccination programme

Face to face engagement – went to ER in 4 hospitals with a role to find out why people were in ER, they spoke to 400 + people, information will be shared with CCG and patient boards.

Feedback on reports on Think 111 – CCG are using the information and attended meetings with Heatlhwatch England and Healthwatch Portsmouth, the CCG report will be a key source of insight for urgent care services, HW England are using report to inform their work especially information gathered for the deaf community, the report is shared with North Dartmoor about community space, The Primary Care Network and will use the information and would like to work together for mental health work.
CCG reviewed findings of vaccination engagement to make sure people are supported and will share with people who volunteered on the front line.