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Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) November 2022

Devon County Council questions and answers with the Director of Integrated Adult Social Care:

It was a pleasure to welcome the newly appointed Director of Integrated Adult Social Care to the JEF meeting and allowing her to introduce herself to the members. We used the time we had with her to ask several questions that the group had prepared for her prior to the meeting. The purpose of the session was to ask what she plans to do with her role, what her vision for Integrated Adult Social Care is and how will she apply it to her work. The questions included key areas such as: cost of living, availability of care packages, racial equality, hate crimes, co production, mental health and autism support.

Devon County Council (DCC) updating Vision and Strategies:

A member of  DCC attended the JEF to present the update of the Vision and Strategies. They outlined the purpose of them being there was to explain why DCC have Vision and Strategies, why they are updating them now, how they will be using them and also how members of the group can contribute to the Visions and Strategies development.

The main purpose the Vision is “promoting independent in Devon” which include a framework on how they assess people and mange their care/support which will best for them. They spoke about the annual returns and surveys which highlights DCC’s outcome, performance, spend/cost, activity and what they are proud of but also areas of concern.

They asked for any feedback or comments members of the group may have and would appreciate it being communicated to them so they can apply it where possible in the Vision and Strategies.