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Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) – 25th May 2021

JEF meeting held on 25th May 2021


This quarter the JEF discussions included:

NHS Devon – Covid Vaccination Engagement Presentation 

The presentation included:

Vaccination Inequalities​
Outreach Communications and Engagement​
Exeter Mosque engagement​

People with a Learning Disability or who are neurodiverse​

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller communities​

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller recommendations​

People experiencing homelessness – current activity​

Understanding perceptions of the COVID-19 vaccination​
Key findings

What next?

May questions included:

Question 1.  People with LD have a fear of the vaccination, what are the plans for these people, if they must travel and need a vaccination passport?

Question 2. Could we find out about the app uptake for a future meeting?

 Jon Sewell continued with presentation:

Ran through the engagement work and age cohorts explaining that ultimately; work is being done to look at perceptions of younger people about vaccinations, so focus is now on 18 – 40-year-old cohorts to start a relationship journey with younger people, interaction with NHS tend to be seen as something older people do. Jon shared the link to the survey and asked that everyone shared this widely, inviting questions, and anecdotes to be communicated to Jon and Nellie.

Health and Wellbeing Board ​(HWBB), Local Outbreak Engagement Board (LOEB) and Vaccination inequalities meetings

Vaccinations – picking up on conversation sit on LOEB and inequalities meetings and subcommittee for inequalities and LD. Diana has been working with Sally Parker on the mass vaccination toolkit using feedback from JEF which has fed through along with faith and belief forum feedback. A funding request has been submitted for public health to do the work for vulnerable people, which is a vaccination champion.

Learning Disability Partnership Board 

Learning Disability Devon Website

Voice Ability from Hampshire have been commissioned to undertake a review of their local Learning Disability Partnership Board. They contacted us to let us know that our website Learning Disability Devon was viewed as being of “Gold Star” standard and they will be recommending that Hampshire create one too.

Updates from LDPB sub-groups

Big Community Catch-up group has been talking about

  • Lifting of Covid restrictions that happened on the 17thMay
  • Local Employment opportunities
  • Community Updates

The Communication Group is looking at how we can share the work of the board and keep people updated and involved. Information about each group, and how to join can be found on the learning Disability Devon website.

Devon Learning Disabilities Friendship Groups 

Groups run on Mondays and Wednesdays for approx. 2 hours, there are 40 members, half attend every week others pop in. There are 3 individuals who have become members of Devon People First. Currently groups are planning face to face outings, online groups will continue more, and community activity will commence, an online card group has been started and is looking for new members, information about joining groups can be found on LD website.

Autism Involvement Group 

The last AIG discussed:

  • Participation in recruitment of Associate Director of Commissioning LD/Autism joint post
  • Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) & ADHD Waiting list and recruitment updates
  • Alert Card Progress – Trish Darke

How much social care business could be online moving forward; Paul asked the AIG their thoughts including with assessments and reviews. Has everyone seen the questionnaire? The questionnaire was shared with AIG again after the meeting so that members had another chance to respond.

Carer Ambassadors 

Liz gave a young carer update including an awareness raising video in response to a discussion at the last JEF.

CAs have been active completing 800 voluntary hours during January, February and March. Jane has 5 CA meetings from across Devon which feed into a quarterly meeting. There are 66 CAs who all have a voice. Carers rights week takes place in June.

Commissioning Involvement Group 

CIG has run for many years and project managers have come along for views on their plans. Due to push towards Co – Production, and exploring the principles at a previous meeting, a co – productive approach will be used for restructuring the way that CIG engage and are involved in Adult Social Care.

Co-Production Group 

We have now run 9 sessions since December 2019, 7 of which have been online. Some sessions have been open to all, but we have also run bespoke sessions for Health Watch and the Carers ambassadors. Approximately between 80 and 90 people have attended the sessions. We have a further 6 sessions planned between now and October, we still have places on these sessions, but they fill up fast. We have a session booked this week for the Adoption agency which is fully booked.

Equality Reference Group 

ERG have been working on a training document to share with perspective fosterers, making sure it was equality focussed, inclusive, aware of ethnic origin and LGBT+, Feedback was used from faith and Young Devon.

HOPE programme 

Number of attendees from December 2020 online and face to face is 1111. There have been 220 digital HOPE courses, 160 have gone through virtual platforms.  The next step is to try and widen access to specific groups , to finalise adjusted HOPE course for LD which is in its final stages, BAME and  plus size groups are needed, there will be a focus  on 14 – 16 yr. olds, post-natal depression and an extend offer for carers to attend.

Other LOD Engagement 

Engagement work has focused on Torbay and Devon safeguarding. With regards to the Adult Social Care Assessment Report, it has been hard for social care practitioners to conduct assessments and reviews, now that restrictions are reduced, we want to know the best methods moving forward, targeting LD, autistic and older people. An Online survey and an Easy Read survey were provided, we ran focus groups (thanking CAs for their input) there were 68 pieces of feedback.

Health Watch (HW) Devon consumer voice issues 

JEF heard the HW report, which was previously shared with JEF members, Sarah noted: Main feedback was from primary care dentistry, 76% was around primary care. Feedback is sent to HW England so that local voices are heard. From January to March HW England received 1400 feedbacks which included a large amount around dentistry. Plans are still to be announced so feedback is still useful. Mainly the work moving forward will be focussed on calling for dental reforms, there is concern about how quickly we can have face to face appointments. Sarah will keep JEF updated.

Older People

Commissioning has taken place by DCC for engagement with older people, initially with a virtually or physical questionnaire to get them to share their experiences when accessing social care and how they would like to be engaged with.  The questionnaire has been Co designed and distributed with no return date because all engagement needs to be included