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JEF 4th October 2022

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JEF meeting held on 4th October.
Covid Management Outbreak Fundvaccination promotion update:

NHS Devon Joint Engagement Manager spoke about what is meant by Covid Management Outbreak Fund (COMF). They explained fund was provided by central government that can be used for local authorities so they can support the improvement of the vaccine uptake and reduce the hesitancy of people who don’t want to take the vaccine but looking into this of what their reasons are for it.

A presentation was shown but also shown that covered:

  • Background​ 
  • First four weeks​ 
  • Working with Devon County Council ​ 
  • People and communities’ strategy ​ 
  • Working with Healthwatch Devon, Plymouth and Torbay ​ 
  • Healthwatch England national committee meeting​ 
  • Public events​ 
  • Supporting engagement projects  
  • Plans for the future  
  • New organisation (NHS Devon) 1 July 2022​ 
  • Collaboration with both NHS and DCC​ 
  • Opportunities through communications, involvement and inclusion ​ 
  • Develop partnerships with voluntary sector ​ 
  • People and community engagement strategy ​ 
  • Governance structure for feedback  
Vaccination Promotion Project Update Hikmat work and perspective on engagement with divers’ ethnic communities.

Hikmat presenter spoke about these subjects:

  • Coronavirus Vaccination Champions 
  • Myths and Media 
  • Confidence and know-how 
  • Exit Questionnaire 
  • Raw Data 
  • Workplace Vaccination Programmes 
  • English and Chinese Versions of Q1 

Hikmat shown a PowerPoint covering data collected from a questionnaire that was done by various ethnic groups; raw data summary60% of sample were called by GP but 40% were not for a vaccination. There was an inconsistent treatment of people being offered either 3 vaccinations or just 2; small number of participants in the questionnaire have had no vaccinations. 

Inviting Tandra Forster, Director of Integrated Adult Social Care to the JEF, preparation for discussion and formulation of questions. 

Devon County Council brought discussion of inviting Tandra Forster the newly appointed Director of Intergrated Adult Social Care to a JEF session as this would be beneficial platform for the members to ask any questions they may have. A few possible questions were discussed with the group.

Local Engagement round up

Carer Ambassadors (CA)

A story relating to the hospital discharge service at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (RD&E); the story explained that no one at the RD&E had identified the individuals needs because no one’s asked relevant questions as a result CA had to support this to help the individual. It was stated that there is a lack of choice for individuals with Learning Disabilities when a service closes which causes concern for Carers.

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)

Current Involvement Team Learning Disability Specialist explained that they are making changes and finding new ways to for the Board to run which will allow officers from Devon County Council, Devon Partnership Trust (DPT) and NHS Devon to be more engaged and consult with people with learning disabilities, family members and carers.

A new Health and Social Care has started for people with learning disabilities, family members and carers. These aim to run on when and needed basis.

Friendship Groups

The friendship group meets 6 times each month, they meet in social areas once a month face to face across Devon which is decided between the group. These can include walks and pub/cafe visits.

At the big Community Catch Up Group the cost-of-living crisis was discussed.

Dimensions For Autism (DFA)

The DFA updated members on the finished product of the Autism Alert Card. These are available for anyone who identifies with autism neurodiversity condition.

Autism Involvement Group (AIG)

AIG heard regular operation updates from the Devon Autism and ADHD team and the DPT Autism Team (DAANA) along with a strategic update on a development on an all-ages autism pathway for the whole system along with a strategic pledges update.

Older People/Age UK Devon

Engagement work is being carried out to ask about support received by people who need health and social care so that they can continue to live as actively as possible, Age UK Devon produced a survey asking people what support they have received. Focus groups have been organised for people with dementia, to have a guided conversation with the questionnaire.

New work; Age UK Devon are going to talk to residents in care homes for people with dementia.  

Healthwatch Devon consumer voice issues

Healthwatch champions have highlighted the three priority areas which are the adult social care, hospital services and GP services with regard to the adult social care. The main themes were around access assessment and eligibility. 

Hikmat and BAME involvement

There has been face to face activities however some of the members involved have struggled to attend these so regular zoom meetings and clubs have been resumed. The current issues being discussed in the group is Mental Health, relating to this there is men’s monthly face to face group has been formed but also sessions been held through Zoom meetings.

Equality Reference Group (ERG)

ERG previously explored voluntary sector groups and discussed whether they could sit on interview panels or review applications; young people are not involved with procurement or recruitment processes in Devon. Importance of commissioning by design for those with protected characteristics within commissioning and procurement was also discussed.

Safeguarding Community Reference Group

Last group was held in August which was focused on the Safeguarding Partnership Annual Report and making sure it was accessible to all. The full version can be found on the website, a PDF copy and also an Easy Read version will be produced.

Co-production Group

There are 5 upcoming co-production awareness sessions planned, starting with Unleashing Potential staff development project aimed at the adult social care workforce. The aim of the co-production work is to improve quality standards of services, looking at what a good quality review means to people.

Other Living Options Engagement

A summarized report was shared with the JEF members. Contact information was given for anyone interested in finding out more about the Voluntary & Community Sector Enterprises (VCSE) Assembly within the Integrated Care System (ICS).