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Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Service

Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Service and Targeted Prevention Offer or Service for Devon and Torbay

Devon County Council and Torbay Council have a statutory responsibility to improve the health and wellbeing of their resident populations and reduce health inequalities. As part of this we are required to provide open-access sexual health services for everyone in our areas. This includes advice and services around contraception choices, healthy relationships, sexually transmitted infections, and good sexual health.

The current contracts for sexual health and reproductive health services and community HIV prevention services come to an end in 2018. We therefore have to re-procure to provide services for future years. To do this we have carried out health needs assessments, evidence review, impact assessments, and engaged with service users and local stakeholders, including representative organisations, to inform our draft service specification.

We are specifically aiming to:

  • Strengthen prevention across the sexual and reproductive health system
  • To develop the use of digital technologies across the system
  • For Devon County Council and Torbay Council to work together in procuring services
  • To consolidate a number of contracts into one service
  • Redeploy HIV advocacy and support money into prevention

This consultation is your opportunity to look at the draft proposed specification, together with the impact and needs assessment to let us know if you think we have this about right, or if you believe there are changes needed.

Consultation results:
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