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Commissioning Involvment Group (CIG) – September 2017

CIG meeting held on 12th September 2017

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Trusted Reviewer Pilot Update

Steve Blandford came along to the group to explain the Trusted Reviewer Pilot and encouraged the group to suggest names for this it, they agreed on the name ‘Accredited Reviewer’.

A Trusted Reviewer is a Care Home who has the training and competency needed to undertake Care Act reviews. The thinking behind this is as a Local Authority we are not reviewing people as often as we like; however, providers see the individual every day and get to know their changing needs. In the early stages of the project we will just be focusing on residential and nursing care only and will only be looking at providers who are CQC rated good or outstanding overall and good or outstanding in all domains.

The Group then discussed:

Pilot Aims

Testing a Personal Profiling Tool, this is a tool provider can use to calculate the care for an individual; it shows how many hours they may need. This system is one step on from the system we already use.

How are we going to do it?

Outline Project Plan

Draft Provider Quality Support Policy

Steve Blandford explained the draft Provider Quality Support Policy. The Quality Assurance and Improvement Team (QAIT) were established in 2012 to have a formal and coordinated response to quality concerns in regulated and unregulated services. Provider engagement at the early signs of concern may prevent these concerns from escalating further.

The group discussed Safeguarding thresholds and were then provided a link for the DSAB website which explains this. Under the heading ‘Operational guidance’ item 7 describes the process for whole service safeguarding adult enquiries and within this document (section 4 on page 4) are details of the thresholds for a whole service safeguarding adults enquiry.

Provider Quality Review Process and how concerns are shared:

  • Safeguarding – if concerns are raised.
  • Quality Huddle – which is a regular meeting where anyone can raise any concerns they have about any providers.
  • Mr Manager – this used to record provider contact with DCC and maintains a record of provider concern or action.
  • Information is shared between professionals in the above forums and discussed at the Joint DCC / NHS / CQC Sub-Group for each area.


Kath Bird and Roger Trapani explained that this agenda item is to think about what actions there maybe for the group from the guest speaker and what actions there maybe for them.

JEF Update

Roger Trapani read the group the email which was sent out to JEF attendees before the meeting. The email explained that it was anticipated that people would come and go from the JEF meeting and focus on attending the relevant parts to them, but all were welcome to stay for the whole day if they could.

The Health and Wellbeing Board

There could not be any updates on the Health and Wellbeing Board due to a Purdah.

Members of the JEF were asked to look at how Devon compared to other Local Authority Comparable Groups (LACG) in areas and which of these areas the Board should be questioned on.