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Commissioning Involvment Group (CIG) – 3rd December 2019

CIG meeting held on 3rd December 2019

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Over the past few months information about the Principles of Co-Production was brought to the CIG and discussed, it had also been agreed that Guest Speakers of CIG would be sent this information in advance, so that they understood how the meetings would be run and what was expected of them. However, it was suggested by some members that not all members understand the principles of Co-Production and how it would apply to CIG meetings. Members agreed that there should be an opportunity for CIG members to have a Co-Production training session.

Replacement Care – Paul Collinge

Update on work around Replacement Care – Paul is trying to get views around three areas of how we identify Replacement Care services.

The latest idea is to help improve provision is development of a web-based platform. Efforts have been made to contact providers and find a way to give them an incentive to set aside provision and to identify providers for Replacement Care. So far providers have been contacted to advise them that the opportunity to register on the platform will be coming, and there will be a list will be available in the new year. Those approached will already be providing services for DCC. From January through to the new financial year the database will be available to care managers, but not to carers yet. Further work can commence once the list is in place.

Some CIG members felt that the willingness to involve CIG at the beginning for planning questions is a good sign. There is more co design taking place, and it has been used for several years for replacement care.

Co-Production Working Group Update

There is a Co-Production Awareness day Thursday 5th December. We are interested to see how the awareness session comes across and will give updates at the next CIG.