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Commissioning Involvement Group – February 2019

CIG meeting held on 12th February 2019

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:


Membership Pack

It was previously discussed and decided that the pack would be split up into three agreed sections;

  •     Practical information
  •     The Meeting
  •     Wider Context

Everyone agreed that all documents included in the pack would belong to one of the three categories which would make the pack easier to understand and locate specific documents.

Kath took the group through the pack and suggested that everyone discusses the content and structure, how it looks whether it needs to be in easy read.

Confidentiality Agreement 

The CIG looked at the reasons for the confidentiality agreement which does not include information that is put in the public domain CIG members will be informed when they are receiving confidential information.

Recruitment of new members

It was agreed that there are gaps in lived experience represented at the CIG and that it is important to spread out geographically, to include the North Devon area, people from the faith and religion forum and others from strands of equality groups.

Workplan for the year

The CIG was informed of what needs to be discussed and encouraged the group to think about the CIG can be more co- productive and how they can influence people to come.