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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – September 2019

CIG meeting held on 10th September 2019


Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Involvement Log

The Involvement Log is a record of engagement including guest speakers and progress on their project since they attended the CIG. The layout and readability of the Involvement Log had been discussed recently, and at this meeting it was decided that it still needed to be simplified, so that the information is accessible to all.

Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) – Sam Shaw

Sam explained that TEC stands for Technology Enabled Care and that it is technology for Social Care and Health that will help people become and remain independent, including young people preparing for adulthood.  This used to be called ‘Assisted Technology’.

Sam told CIG that she would like to co-produce a group of I statements that represent people and their families, considering everything about their lives, to find out what people feel they need and to increase the number people who are prescribing and using TECS. This will be used to inform the strategy.

CIG members took time to explain the difference between Co-Designing and Co-Producing. As Sam had explained that she would be Co-Producing the I Statements. Sam decided to rework the session plan to follow their advice on co-design.


There is a lot of work for the Co- Production Working Group to do in order to get the message of the new way of working across to commissioners.

It was agreed that all prospective speakers should have Co-Production information given to them before they attend to give them a chance to present in the most collaborative way. This would include: being given access to the Co-Production Working Group video, information on the Principles of Co-Production and what is expected of them and other CIG members.

Future Co-Production Arrangements

Decisions previously made:

To adopt the principles of Co-Production, original members to continue to attend CIG and act as Facilitators, names of members to represent the CIG at the JEF as they already attend

Decisions made today:

Agenda still to be produced before each meeting, notes to be produced as usual,

Co-Production Working group update at future CIGs.

Co-Production Working Group Update

A Co-Production Awareness Training Session is being organized for Social Care Commissioning staff to attend, the group have produced a Co-Production video, timelines have been produced to help the organization of the day run smoothly, there will be a final run through of the session a few days before to finalise any arrangements.