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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – June 2017

CIG meeting held on 6th June 2017

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

This Tender

The Supporting Independence Tender involves the aspects of ‘care through a person’s front door’ that are unregulated, and anything that would have previously been called ‘day services’ or ‘community opportunities.’ This tender is split into two lots, one lot covers all forms of Group Based Care & Support and the second lot is where the person’s care package doesn’t involve any CQC regulated activities.

How these contracts are changing

Max Sillars explained that this new contract will be moving to a more personalised arrangement for support and moving away from block contracts.

The contract will be an ‘open framework’ that allows new providers to join each year, with an up to date quality standard applied to all providers. Max explained there will be opportunities for providers to work with us to improve where their weaker areas are if they are close to achieving the standards. There will be a strong focus on quality and choice.


Max explained that there will be a strong focus on quality, choice for the individual, improving their health and wellbeing, safeguarding and supporting carers.


If a personal budget is used to purchase Group based care and support, a package will be purchased from any provider on the list within the client’s affordable range. In the event that the client doesn’t express any choice then the practitioner will use the list to choose the lowest price provider that is able to meet the client’s assessed needs.

The Procurement Process

There was a focus group set up which has helped inform the procurement process and gave an idea of what service users’ concerns might be.

Feedback from Joint Engagement Forum (JEF)

Roger Trapani explained that there were two different groups of people at the meeting; those who were completely new to the meeting and those who had attended the group in its previous format.

Roger explained Tim Golby was on the panel and highlighted that he had said he did not see funding as a major challenge for Adult Social Care this year as we had had a 9% uplift in funding to Adult Social Care.

Ground rules and Engaging with Guest Speakers

The group were given an opportunity to make suggestions for how to engage with guest speakers and share with the group, as well as ideas for ground rules to be used within the group.