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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – July 2019

CIG meeting held on 23rd July 2019

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Involvement Log – All 

Kath talked through what is represented In the Involvement Log

The group agreed that the log is much more comprehensive and that is shows outcomes of actions, although it is not easy to read as a single document.

The group agreed that there needs to be a timescale agreed for the completion of actions.

Information Pack for New Members – Kath Bird

It was previously decided that a membership pack for the CIG would be put together to give to new members when they join. This pack would contain information and documents covering the most part of what you would need to know when first joining the group.

The group were provided with an updated version at the meeting,for all members to look at and make further amendments focusing on content and order.

CIG members discussed who they are representing at the CIG and Kath explained that members are representing themselves as a person with lived experience.

There were concerns amongst the group about the confidentiality of meetings, and Kath explained that the notes from the meeting are out in the public domain therefore discussion and information are not confidential unless the CIG members are informed otherwise.

  • there should be a group photo of CIG members on the front of the Information Pack
  • a general photo found on the web which shows a good representation of a CIG meeting
  • no photo at all
  • a compromise, which means that if a good general photo cannot be found on the web then members would agree to a group photo of themselves being used.

The majority vote was for a CIG photo.

Kath finished by explaining that this process of deciding whether to have a photo was an done in a Co-Productive way. The next part of the meeting would be about pros and cons of Co-Production.

Future Co-Production arrangements, Chairing and JEF representation.

Robert Trapini has stepped down as co-chair of CIG and the Co-Production group, and had asked Kath to explain that he had enjoyed his time as a member of CIG, but had other commitments.

Kath encouraged the group to revisit the Principles of Co-Production, this has been discussed at previous CIG. She then asked the group asked if the CIG members wanted to use these principles and whether they wanted to elect a Co-Chair.

CIG members then watched the video which has been recently developed by the Co-Production working group which introduces the concept and the challenges of working in a Co Productive way. Kath then asked for the group’s opinions on the video.

The group discussed how CIG needs to be run going forward. It was agreed that trying to run it in a Co-Productive way would have its challenges, one of them being how meetings could be run without a Chair person, we would still need a Facilitator behind the scenes to invite guest speakers and follow through actions, as CIG members what not know how to make this happen.

A guest speaker would be treated slightly differently if the Co-Production principles were adopted. For example, they would sit amongst the CIG members to continue discussions about their presentation.