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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – April 2019

CIG meeting held on 23rd April 2019

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:


Social Prescribing – Mark De Bernhardt Lane

Mark De Bernhardt Lane came to the CIG to present an overview of Social Prescribing (SP). He explained that It is a social solution for Health and wellbeing which is not about medication. It is about the community helping others.

Mark asked for everyone’s views, issues including in the discussions were:

  • Existing funding cuts in community groups
  • Gaps in the Community and how the Statutory sector can help the local levels sustain themselves.
  • Keeping patient needs at the centre by reconciling local groups
  • Toolkits as a pathway for individuals to get help particularly people who become carers
  • Using centers of excellence for examples
  • How the Better Care Fund has been used for pilot schemes
  • Existing assets that are available in communities
  • Engagement and involvement of the CIG