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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – November 2020

CIG meeting held on 23rd November 2020

Summary of meeting


The CIG heard:

A presentation on Integration – Paul Giblin

The presentation included:

  • Explanations of the NHS and DCC systems and how they differ.
  • Devon’s extra challenges because of the complicated local organisational landscape.
  • Inconsistencies of integration of both Commissioning and Provider organisations in Devon and the reasons for them.
  • What parts of the Councils Social Care comes from.
  • How the commissioning part of DCC buys most social care provision from a market of independent providers and the assessment of social care needs undertaken by the Operations part of DCC.
  • Where state healthcare comes from and what hospital trusts across Devon.
  • Services nationally commissioned by NHS England.
  • A breakdown of how the operational part of DCC Social Care is integrated with the provider part of the NHS, on a geographical basis.


The important thing is that the same principle is being pursued in different ways with positive results, such as:

  • Better hospital discharge.
  • Rapid responses to incidents like falls.
  • Improved equipment provision.
  • More efficient mental health assessments.
CIG members were given chance to ask questions at the end of the presentation.
It was agreed that CIG members would read the paper shared by Paul Giblin which explains Integration in detail and revisit this at each future meeting to discuss how each new guest speaker fits into the Integration model to help them develop a better understanding of the complicated process and inform any input that they have in the Commissioning process.