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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG)- September 2018

Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG)meeting held on 11th September 2018 

 Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Mini Debate – What is Co-Production?

 The group went on to discuss and debate their ideas around ‘Co- Production’ and what they think it is.

Co-Production is:

  • Good facilitation
  • Common goals
  • Patience
  • Trust and honesty
  • Equality
  • All views are relevant
  • Giving support to those who need it
  • Being included from the beginning
  • Including providers

 Co-Production in Action

The group then watch 3 videos on co-production. These videos then stemmed some interesting conversation around co-production and how it works.

A Scenario – Working in Co-Production

The group had to come up with a scenario of a project that they wanted to run in a co-productive way, whilst thinking of the different areas of the Commissioning Cycle and how they could improve upon some of those areas.

Planning how the CIG can influence Co-Productive working in the future

At this part of the meeting the members started to plan how the Commissioning Involvement Group can influence others to work Co-Productively and how they can work in a more Co-Productive way.