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Autism Involvment Group – April 2019

AIG meeting held on 16th April 2019


This AIG discussions included:


Presentation on the Autism and ADHD Service including responses to the questions from the group – Emma Pateman, Wendy Price.

The Autism and ADHD Service has been working with Devon County Council (DCC) over the last year, to develop integrated services model.

Wendy and Emma took the AIG through the presentation which included information on:

  • Who is in the team?
  • What do we provide?
  • How do we do this?
  • Who do we work with?
  • How do referrals reach us?
  • What about the future?
  • Any questions?

Work Shop

The group were given a form to fill in during their group discussion which asked, ‘What information and support do you think is important for children, adults, families and carers to have pre-diagnoses?’

The feedback would be brought to the next AIG meeting