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Autism Involvement Group (AIG) – November 2019

AIG meeting held on 5th November 2019


This AIG discussions included:


Devon County Council Adult Social Care Practice Model

– Di Combe

The discussion included:

Di has been helping to develop a Practice Model for Adult Social Work in Devon. This will eventually be applied to the practice of all social care assessment, review and care planning activities. Di first outlined the values and principles which support the model.

Di read out from the practice model diagram, explaining that DCC wants to work with people to help them support themselves. The model starts with the individual and what is already working well with them, which could include universal services and informal support, then looks at the strengths of the individual to try and maximise their ability to support themselves.

Paul asked group if they would like Di to come back to discuss the model further and it was agreed that she would.


GP Autism Awareness Survey -Paul Giblin

 Paul reported back on the working group which had agreed to review the set of questions presented to the last AIG to test GPs’ awareness of autism. After some discussion the following five questions were agreed:

  1. Have you received the autism awareness toolkit in your practice? Y/N
  2. Have you used the autism awareness toolkit? Y/N
  3. Does your surgery offer any reasonable adjustment for autistic people?
  4. How confident is your surgery is of how to support autistic people? (with a Likert scale of 1-6)
  5. How do you make autistic people aware of the reasonable adjustments in place at your surgery?

NHS toolkit is there to help GPs to think about how they can adapt their service.

It was agreed that the questionnaire will go out with a 4-week deadline for return, and that it would be sent direct to individual GPs rather than via practice managers.


CCG Autism Awareness e- learning and autism awareness overall

Paul Giblin

The NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has published a range of information about autism on its public website.

It was noted that there was a timetable for revision of CCG e-learning and any changes to e-learning would realistically only be made at that time.

It was therefore agreed that the working group would meet again with DFA representation to ensure their feedback would influence the future development of the course.