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Autism Involvement Group (AIG) – October 2020

AIG meeting held on 27th October 2020



This AIG discussions included:

Autism Good Practice – Kate Bamforth

Kate Bamforth is the Autism Lead Nurse and Poppy Peart is the Autism Services Assistant at Derriford Hospital. Kate was asked to attend the AIG to update members on her methods of good practice. She took the AIG through her presentation and highlighted some key points which included:

  • Updating the mission statement because they offer advice to staff and people have come back with comments which include the need to address an autistic person in the first person.
  • Success to date
  • Resources – someone with complex care may be supported but they do not offer to see every person that comes in, so t resource folders are being put together in partnership with Derriford Autism Partnership (aDAPt) which consists of service users and family members. Folders include; reasonable adjustment request sheets, information about resource boxes which are funded by Raising Excellence and Aspiration in Care and Health (REACH Cornwall). Can signpost to Plymouth Autism Spectrum Service (P.A.S.S) which is a post diagnostic service, have lots of information on their web page regarding alerting. aDaPt have their own resources.
  • A pilot for a 7-day service is now being conducted which ends in March 2021, to pick up people who come in on that day and help them get hold of resources or address their reasonable adjustments.

Paul thanked Kate for her presentation and opportunity for AIG members to ask questions.


Autism Assessment Review – Harry Capron

Harry was asked to review the Autism Assessments because long waiting times had been reported.  The purpose is to understand some of the pressures occurring, to look at good practice and to see if a lack of resources could be a factor causing some of the problems.

The Business Case for Change covers Pre and Post diagnoses and Harry felt that there was a need to address what was happening in middle of these processes.

There have been investments in the service and currently we are waiting on the national strategy review to update the plans accordingly. The purpose of review is to inform the service specifications.


GP Survey Update – Wendy Price

• Some AIG members had a helpful meeting to look at next steps, where they discussed:
• The content of the survey.
• How the responses could be improved.
• If the survey is too complicated and this may have affected the response rate as they found that there was limited take up of the survey.
• The mystery shopping exercise, to contact GP Surgeries and evaluate the experience on that.


DFA Update, Yellow Brick Road

Trish introduced the Yellow Brick Road Guide, which is guide to in depth information regarding autism services in Devon including a description of the pathway of how to get an assessment. It was written by Trish Darke and DFA members rather than professionals over a six-month period. The guide was suggested by AIG and Paul Giblin two years ago. Currently it is not being used enough so there is a need to share information about it. It is updated every six months, Trish welcomed updates from partners.


Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) – ‘AUTISM WITH PDA PROFILE – FROM MY POINT OF VIEW’

One AIG member shared some information regarding PDA which gave insight into their own person experience, and how to find out more about it.

There’s a lot of info about PDA, on PDA Society website, also on Notes on PDA web-site: