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Autism Involvement Group (AIG) – May 2021

AIG meeting held on 18th May 2021


The AIG discussions included:

Participation in recruitment of Associate Director of Commissioning LD/Autism joint post

AIG heard a short presentation which included:

  • Joint Working
  • Organisations moving closer towards Integrated Care System (ICS)

AIG were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Learning from Life and Death Reviews (LeDeR) policy update

The presentation heard:

  • An explanation of LeDeR
  • The future of LeDeR
  • Why is LeDeR Changing?
  • Good Things About LeDeR
  • Problems with LeDeR
  • How the new policy has been developed
  • Autism
  • What will a review look like?
  • Governance
  • Timescales

AIG members were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) & ADHD Waiting list and recruitment updates

The presentation heard:

ASC & ADHD Waiting List Developments

  • Post Diagnostic Interventions

Alert Card Progress

The draft image of the card was shared and explained reasoning for the design. Devon and Cornwall Police are funding first 2,000 cards.