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AIG – November 2021

AIG meeting held on the 9th of November 2021



This AIG discussions included:

DAANA Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) & ADHD waiting list and recruitment updates and other DPT developments

AIG heard a short presentation which included:

  1. ASC & ADHD Waiting List Developments
  2. Waiting Lists for assessment
  3. Post Diagnostic Interventions

AIG members were given the opportunity to ask questions.

GP Awareness and Social Prescribing way forward

AIG heard a short presentation which included:

  1. Social prescribing for autistic adults
  2. Research review
  3. Early interview viewings on social prescribing
  4. Summary of survey results – Barriers to accessing healthcare services during Covid-19
  5. Barriers to healthcare
  6. Recommendations for healthcare providers

AIG members were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) 

AIG heard a short presentation which included:

  1. Purpose – why we are here today
  2. The Mental Capacity Act (2005)
  3. Deprivation of Liberty and how this is
    authorised now
  4. People over the age of 18 in a Care
    Home or Hospital
  5. People 18 and over living in the
  6. 16 & 17 Years olds
  7. The Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS)
  8. Who is responsible for authorising a
    deprivation of liberty from April 2022?
  9. How will the Liberty Protection Safeguards
  10. How are peoples rights protected under

Dimensions for Autism (DFA) Update

The ladies group

This group had 9 members attending this month (4 of which were new members)


DFA Exeter had 16 members attend this month, including 4 new members, the topic was Sensory Differences. All of these groups have been well attended since the Covid un-easing allowed. DFA are continuing to do 2 online meetings a month for those who do not wish to attend a venue, with an average of at least 10-14 members attending each month. Over 70 members from the autistic community are now registered on our server. Barnstaple and Torbay groups continue, with more new members in contact each month at our new venue at Newton Abbot (The Royal British Legion) is proving to be a success with a regular 10 – 15 members attending each month.

The LGBTQIA group

This group going well and is still on-line until further notice. There are over 20 members of this group.

AIG heard the latest information about meetings and groups that they provide for autistic people all over Devon.

Link to the DFA website: