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AIG meeting summary October 2022

Operational Update from DAANA (Devon Partnership Trust/Health):

DAANA – Devon Adult Autism & ADHD Service​ 

Referral rates remain high, with no evidence of dropping to pre-pandemic rates, in fact have escalated again in May​ at end of Sept 2022:​ 

 - ASC – referrals for month = 69* (Aug 94*)​ 

-ADHD – referrals for month = 184* (Aug 185*)​.

Commissioners are aware of the on-going and increasing demand of assessments so focusing on best way to meet this need.

DAAIT – Devon Adult Autism Intervention Team

The Trust is experiencing issues accessing our usual electronic patient record systems and, as a result, there may be delays in responding to you, your complaint or concerns. The supplier has commissioned an external specialist company to investigate the incident, who found no evidence that any data has been lost or taken. We are reassured by their assessment that patient records have been kept safe.​  

Operational Update from Autism and ADHD team (Devon County Council/Social Care) :

Website review- members of the team have been working on the Housing and Accommodation section of the Devon County Council website. They have been going through the webpages ensuring clear wording. Previous feedback from AIG meetings included resources for trusted tradesmen, they have now been added including Devon County Council trading standards and Trust a Trader on pages about renting your own home and owning your own home.

Dimensions for Autism (DFA): 

Successful volunteers have managed to double the memberships since last year and more on the waiting list, no Autism referral is needed in order to join DFA; the group meet in Torbay, Newton Abbot and Exeter moving around Devon. There is an LGBTQ+, ladies and younger adults groups; the younger groups are still needing facilitators however a local student councillor working with DFA to help support this.

Over 800 Autism alert cards have been sent out currently which are available to anyone in Devon and Cornwall. Majority have been sent out to Devon and DANNA but requests have also come in from prisons and hospitals.