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AIG – March 2022

AIG meeting held on 8th March 2022


This AIG discussions included:


Strategic updates from Devon County Council, NHS Devon (CCG) and Devon Partnership Trust:
Devon County Council: Commissioning

AIG heard about the refresh of ICS Autism Strategy; It is in initial stages, we wanted to involve AIG members as soon as possible’. The vision and the key priorities of the strategy and were explained and they were asked for comments after they had been talked through some slides which included:

Plan for the refresh
Autistic Children and Young People’s Strategy
Key contents for the Adult’s Strategy
Our Current Principles
Vision and Key Priorities – Draft
Draft timescales and Next Steps


NHS Devon/ Integrated Care System, Housing Summit

AIG were given an update on the housing summit that took place in January and then give a chance for discussion; There has been a call for action because of problems with housing in Devon, we are considering how we can work creatively on this. The summit was very valuable and lots of links were made. A clear action plan will be created, and the next Housing meeting will be in April to continue the work which is picking up pace.

Devon County Council Operations

AIG heard about new posts that had been filled within the DPT ADHD and Autism Team. AIG then had a Q&A discussion afterwards.

Devon Partnership Trust/ DAANA

The main message is that they are incredibly busy, the referral rate has gone up about 30 people a month which reflects the national picture since the start of Covid.

DCC Website update

AIG saw a presentation which included:
An explanation of work being done on the DCC Care and Health pages which were discussed at the last AIG and members were sent out opportunities for feedback. This is a continual piece of work; progress will be brought back to future AIGs.

Update on Supported Living including definition

AIG saw a presentation and were given time for a discussion afterwards:

Defining supported living

Supported living is a concept that was developed as an alternative to institutional care developed in the 1990’s.
The main principles of supported living are that people own or rent their home and have control over the support they get, who they live with (if anyone) and how they live their lives.
Supported living assumes that all people are able to make choices about how to live their lives even if the person does not make choices in conventional ways.

Dimensions for Autism (DFA):

Group Activities

DFA Projects