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AIG – June 2022

AIG meeting held on 21st June 2022


This AIG discussions included:

Strategic and operational updates from the Health and Social Care System:
Devon County Council (DCC) Operational updates

A document was shared with AIG which explained some of the referral information including:

Referral and Eligibility
Workforce – Autism & ADHD Team
Team Caseload and Activity

The three criteria of eligibility were discussed.


DCC Strategic Commissioning update

AIG saw a presentation which included:

Purpose: To talk about the different autism strategies, provide an overview of each of them, any timescales (where known), and set out opportunities to inform them.

Strategies: National Strategy for autistic children, young people and adults: 2021 to 2026
Children and Young People’s Autism Strategy for Devon 2021 – 2026
Refreshing the Integrated Care System’s (ICS) Autism Strategy for autistic adults and young people approaching adulthood.

An opportunity for AIG members to inform the Devon children’s autism strategy was shared by email in May 2022.


Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT)/ DAANA update

AIG saw a presentation that had previously been circulated to AIG members, which included:

DAANA – Devon Adult Autism & ADHD Service 

Referral rates remain high, with no evidence of dropping to pre-pandemic rates, in fact have escalated again in May​.

The on-going and increasing demand for assessments is something the commissioners are focusing on, and how best to meet this need.

DAAIT – (Devon Adult Autism Interventions Team)​

The Team became operational in April; it is only small and covers all of Devon including Plymouth. Because of this this there is firm referral criteria.

Referral is via the relevant local authority or Devon Partnership Trust.

The team forms part of Devon’s health & social care systems autism provision.

A range of data will be collected to support discussions with commissioners re: further funding.

The AIG queried the increasing number of referrals for autism assessments and ADHD assessments, and the demographic of individuals.


Dimensions for Autism (DFA): Group Activities


DCC Adult Social Care Autism web page discussion

AIG were asked for suggestions on the webpage whilst it was shared on the screen. A presentation to accompany this was shared before the meeting.