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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Dryden Road, Exeter – public consultation 2021

Image description

The plan shows Option 1 for the current closure of Dryden Road to motor vehicles between Well Oak Park and Kipling Drive to be made permanent. Only cyclists and pedestrians would be permitted access along this section of Dryden Road.

Two-way access for motor vehicles would be permitted along Dryden Road between Barrack Road and Well Oak Park and between Kipling Drive and Wonford Street.

1.Removes through traffic along Dryden Road.
2. Provides low traffic route and attractive environment for pedestrians & cyclists.
3. Enables good quality section of cycle route.
4. Change has already been trialled, and impacts monitored.

1.Longer journeys to access some properties by vehicle.
2. Increase to traffic on other roads in the adjacent highway network.
3. Longer route between NHS sites on Dryden Road.

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