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The description below is for an image or graphic that appears in the page: Dryden Road, Exeter – public consultation 2021

Image description

The plan shows Option 3 for Dryden Road to be made one-way in an eastbound direction for motor vehicles between Well Oak Park and Kipling Drive. Cyclists and pedestrians would have two-way access along this section of Dryden Road.

Two-way access for motor vehicles would be permitted along Dryden Road between Barrack Road and Well Oak Park and between Kipling Drive and Wonford Street.

*Dryden Road eastbound is expected to have lower traffic level than westbound. Dryden Road one-way in a westbound direction is not proposed as the predicted level of traffic is typically above what guidance would recommend being suitable for on street cycling without physical segregation.

1. All eastbound traffic movements possible.
2. Reduces through traffic along Dryden Road.
3. Helps provide moderate quality section of cycle route.

1. Higher traffic levels than Options 1 and 2.
2. Longer journeys to access some properties by vehicle.
3. Higher traffic volumes create less attractive environment for cycling.

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