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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) – 15th June 2021

LDPB held on 15th June 2021

Summary of meeting


The LDPB discussions included:

Robert spoke to the group about the new structure:
This included the new way of working which includes meetings now being virtual.


There were Network group updates from the different groups:

Big Community Catch-Up Group – Devon people first gave an update on this group which included:

• Some people said that they were finding it hard not being able to use cash in some places.
• People also said they are missing their friends, college and work placements.
• People also said that they are missing taking part in activities and not being able to go out in the community.


Health & Social Care discussion group update

• For people who use services have a voice
• To let us know what is working well
• What is not working well
• What needs to be improved
• Ideas to make things better


Carer’s discussion group update

• Day services/Replacement Care feedback
• Out of Area Placements
• Choice and Control about the services that they are receiving


Communication group update
• The groups key priorities for the next two years
• The next key priority they will work on is sharing information about the work of Partnership Board


Friendship Groups update
• Bingo games
• Online exercise classes
• Regular fun quizzes


Learning Disability Mortality Review

Jennie Newton (Quality Assurance Nurse Practitioner
(Learning Disability) who works for LeDeR (Learning Disability Mortality Review) talked about what death means and people’s feelings about it, then how to improve healthcare like hospital discharge and hospital passports.