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Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) – October 2019

CIG meeting held on 15th October 2019

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Promoting Independence – Tina Ramage and Sarah Cambridge

Sarah and Tina introduced themselves and how they work on the operational side of ‘Promoting Independence.

Sarah began by introducing the policy and what has been happening in the last two years. The focus being on how important the Promoting Independence Policy is for prevention and delaying need to use services.

The presentation included:

  • 1. Prevention; short term services, Information and advice, Technology solutions
  • 2. Employment
  • 3. Community Development
  • 4. Support for carers
  • 5. Changing Practice

The Promoting Independence Model – The model helps staff how to work to help people work towards independence.

Changing Conversations – CIG then watched a short film which showed side by side examples of how care can be done differently, how it can be used to combat insolation, reshaping care around individuals, focusing around what they can do and can’t do.

CIG members were given the chance to ask questions and make suggestions throughout the presentation.

Co-Production Working Group Update

CIG heard how the Working group have been progressing with their plans for a Co-Production Awareness Session in December. This first session will be a chance for people working in Adult Social Care and Health to learn about the Principles of Co-Production and how they can be applied to the commissioning cycle. There will be more sessions in the future as there has been a lot of interest. Progress so far:

  • A timeline has been created to help plan towards the Awareness Session being run on 5th December.
  • A draft agenda and timings have been decided
  • Videos were chosen to be shown as part of the session
  • Members of the working group were allocated their roles, and how they will use that to get the idea of the Co-Production methods across to the audience.
  • Materials and resources to be used on the day were decided, including handouts, pens, sticky notes etc.
  • Kath will be writing up the official agenda and this will be sent out to all the Awareness day attendees with any other relevant information
  • There will need to be a run through at the next meeting 28th October