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Fund title: UnLtd: specialist support for social enterprises

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Funding and mentoring for people setting up and developing a social enterprise.

Application deadline:

Applications are considered three times a year - refer to the website for the next deadline

Fund description:

UnLtd provides support and small grants for people who are starting up or developing a social enterprise.

The support is tailored according to whether you are starting a new social enterprise or developing an existing venture:

Start Your Venture – support of between £500 and £5,000 for people who are ready to establish a new social enterprise, or have been running for less than a year. The support will help you to tackle an issue that you are passionate about working to solve.

Grow Your Venture – mentoring and up to £15,000 for people who are running a social venture that is already making a positive difference to people’s lives. The support will help you to develop sustainable financial plans that will help you to continue to grow your enterprise.

UK residents aged 16 and over can apply. Your social enterprise should benefit people living in the UK and have a real social impact.


Further information: