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Fund title: The F Factor Competition

Focus of fund/fund aims:

A start-up competition with a £10,000 prize for the winning technological solution to current global challenges

Application deadline:

29 January 2021

Fund description:

The F Factor is a start-up competition designed to provide young, aspiring entrepreneurs with funding and mentoring for their apps, games or technology businesses. The competition is open to 18 to 25 year olds who have technological solutions that will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are 17 goals to address global challenges including poverty, climate change and inequality and to achieve a more sustainable future.

You will need to put forward your idea for addressing one of these goals and will be expected to provide an initial prototype of your solution.

There are four rounds to the competition with a chance to win £1,000 in the regional finals and a £10,000 prize in the national finals. The funds can be used to launch a company; however, it is entirely up to the winner how they spend the money.

You need to be planning or in the process of setting up a business. You can run an existing start-up as long as you are not running it full-time.

Further information: