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Fund title: South West Innovation Fund for Woodland Management

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Grants to support innovative projects that help to improve woodland management in South West England

Application deadline:

27 July 2021

Fund description:

South West Innovation Fund is inviting applications for innovative thinking to improve the management of woodlands in South West England. Better woodland management will help to improve biodiversity, conserve threatened species and address problems caused by invasive species, pests and diseases.

The Forest and Woodland Advisory Committee of the South West has identified three barriers to improving woodland management:

  • absence of guidance to help owners to manage their woodland
  • fragmented ownership of woodlands
  • lack of skills and awareness on the condition of their woodland makes it difficult for owners to put the right management plans in place

Projects should target novel ways in removing the three barriers outlined.

There is a total budget of £70,000 for 2021/22. This could be allocated to a single project or shared among several smaller projects with a minimum value of £20,000.

Applications can be submitted by woodland management companies, conversation bodies, organisations and consortiums in a position to accelerate the restoration and improvement of woodlands in South West England. Bids that demonstrate collaborative working amongst businesses, private and public woodland owners are welcome.

Further information: