Fund title: New Energy Challenge

Focus of fund/fund aims:

The New Energy Challenge is a mentoring and funding programme for start-up and scale-up businesses with innovative technologies and solutions to transform how energy is produced, managed, stored and used.

Application deadline:

24 May 2019

Fund description:

The New Energy Challenge is run by Shell to encourage start-ups across Europe and Israel to come forward with game-changing solutions that will change the energy systems of the future.

The New Energy Challenge is open to young entrepreneurs who are developing advanced technologies and disruptive solutions that could be vital to meeting future energy needs. The focus is on start-ups and scale-ups that offer innovative, low-carbon energy solutions.

Proposals can relate to cleaner transport fuels, energy management and storage, use of digital technologies to reduce energy use etc.

The New Energy Challenge 2019 has two distinct tracks:

Track One is open to early stage start-ups. It includes intensive coaching to develop business plans. The winning finalist receives at least €100,000 towards a proof of concept within the Shell GameChanger programme to test the commercial viability of their proposal.

Track Two is open to scale-ups. It provides the opportunity to engage with experts and exchange knowledge and ideas, as well the opportunity to design a pilot proposal. The winner will ultimately get the chance to launch their solution at a Shell retail site.

Further information: